In my previous post, I installed and configured SharePoint Configuration and Central Admin databases as well as provisioned Central Admin Site.

I continued to build my new SharePoint environment to see if there’s a difference in the script I used with SharePoint Preview.  It turned out better than I thought.  In the Preview product, I would get the following message occasionally.

could not create a CmdletConfiguration for CmdletName Start-BulkOperation, CmldetClass  , CmdletHelpFile C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\CONFIG\PowerShell\Help\Microsoft.Office.Education.Institution.dll-Help.xml.

Nothing like such happened with this new environment.  As a matter of fact, it was so clean.  I was very surprised.  Below are the screenshots of the script’s results.  I had to capture two screenshots because Search components displayed a lot of information.

I guess I could take a look at my script to limit the amount of Search information displayed here.

Just because there’s a lot of IDs displayed in the PowerShell window, Search components are very “clean” in Search Administration window.

All SharePoint databases that I’ve provisioned so far look like this (no GUIDs).

I look forward to working more with SharePoint 2013.  If I should come across something “unusual”, I’ll try to keep them posted.