Many posts out there state that either Workflow Manager cannot be installed on a Domain Controller or is not supported. I know it’s not best practice to run applications on the Domain Controller or SQL Server, but I just had to try.

I have one server (my VM) with the following components installed:
1. Windows Server 2012
2. Domain Controller
3. SQL Server 2012
4. SharePoint Server 2013
5. Workflow Manager
6. Workflow Client
7. Workflow Manager Tools Preview for Visual Studio 2012
8. SharePoint Designer 2013

The workflow components were downloaded from

I’m only going to run through steps I took for installing and configuring Workflow Manager here.
Installing Workflow Manager was pretty straight forward. I accepted the default settings and followed the wizard.


After I finished configuring Workflow Manager, I noticed that Workflow Client was installed as well.


I chose ‘Configure Workflow Manager with Custom Settings’ when the Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard launched.  I chose this option to name my databases instead of using default ones the wizard creates during the configuration.


I installed Workflow Manager Tools Preview for Visual Studio 2012.

Launched SharePoint 2013 Management Shell (I used Windows PowerShell, too), run as Administrator.

Here’s where things didn’t work using either SharePoint 2013 Management Shell or Windows PowerShell:

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite http://veeintranet -WorkflowHostUri "http://sp2013.vee.local:12291" -AllowOAuthHttp

I got this error:
Register-SPWorkflowService : Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.

Looking at Workflow Service Application Proxy, I saw this:


After digging through log files, uninstalling Workflow Manager and its dependencies, deleting the databases several times, and searching all over, I’ve finally found a solution.

I uninstalled Workflow Manager Tools Preview for Visual Studio 2012 (downloaded from the link above).

I downloaded and installed Workflow Manager Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Preview 2 from here

Re-ran the Register-SPWorkflowService command again.

No errors:


I checked Workflow Service Application Proxy again. Woo hoo!


Checked my SharePoint Designer, and there it is, SharePoint 2013 Workflow.