Content Search Web Part (CSWP) – Sort by Modified Date/Time

I was asked to look into Search crawl schedule because one Content Search Web Part settings was changed to sort the content by modified date.  Some contents were modified today, but did not appear at the top of page even though it was configured to sort in descending order.

Search was working fine.  It crawled at the schedule times for both incremental and full crawls.  I kicked off full crawl again, just to make sure.  Still the results displayed on the CSWP was incorrect.

I then looked into the CSWP settings itself.  Under SORTING, the only available field for modified time is LastModifiedTime.

CSWP - Sorting1

I selected this property and sorted the list in descending order.

CSWP - Sorting2

I then went back to the Web Part settings and configured CSWP to display two lines with FileName and LastModifiedTime.  The page showed this:

CSWP - Sorting3

It sorted by LastModifiedTime, but this was not the result I was expecting.  It sorted by the LastModifiedTime that the documents were saved not when they were uploaded or the properties were modified in SharePoint.  I expected it to sort the same way my document library is sorted.  This is what I want to have displayed on my CSWP.  My document library looks like this.


As you can see from the last two images, the result are nothing alike.

After searching many posts out on the internet, I did not find a solution.  So, I decided to do some testing on my own.

I went to Managed Properties and reviewed LastModifiedTime settings.  It contained this:


After more research, I found that all Mappings to Crawl Properties listed above were related to documents.

I did not want to change any OOTB Managed Properties, so I decided to create a new one called Modified.

Here’s what I have in my new Modified Managed Property.


I then started the full crawl.

Now my new Modified Managed Property is available for me to select in my CSWP Sorting.

CSWP - Sorting4

After changing the CSWP Web Part settings, it sorted in the same order as my document library, by Modified column.

CSWP - Sorting5

I hope this helps others who have the same problem I encountered.