Following my previous post on working in Search Center.  Now I need to add crawled properties to the Search Refinement Panel.  These crawled properties can be content types, custom columns, or term sets.  In this post, I’ll use term sets.

My term store has regions which has U.S. States within each region populated.  For this example, we’ll use the West Region.


Here’s my list with region term sets used.  I called that column “Store Region”.


After the list is populated with some values, go to List Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Reindex List

Just to make sure I get the crawled properties without waiting for the next scheduled crawl, I started the incremental crawl.

I then mapped the managed property to the crawled property.  In this example, I used RefinableString02 managed property.

In the mappings to crawled properties –> Add a Mapping –> I typed region and clicked Find


Here I selected, ows_Store_x0020_Region, after a full crawl, I can now see the values in this mapped property.

From Search Center, after typing in a search term –> Edit Page, Edit Refinement web part properties, click Choose Refiners

In the list of Available Refiners, select RefinableString02 (this is what I mapped to in my earlier step).  Here, the list of available values displayed in the preview.


Click Add –> Type a meaningful name in the Display name text box.  In my case “Store Region”, click OK to close the refinement configuration window, then click OK to close the web part properties window.  Check-in and publish the page.

Here’s the end product.