Modern Team Sites – SharePoint 2016

Most team sites I’ve worked with are just sites that most of us use to store documents, lists, and some images or announcements on the page. After watching “The Future of SharePoint” event on May 4, 2016 also known as “Star Wars Day”, Microsoft changed my perspective on how team sites can look and function.

As Jeff Teper said during the event, “everybody knows team sites are the core of SharePoint”, the new team sites allow users to create more engaging, more intelligent SharePoint sites by leveraging the Office Graph to surface activities that are most relevant in the site. Team sites, by default, will include News and Activity. Here’s a couple of screenshots on News and Activity.



The process of creating a new page has taken Team Sites out of the dark ages and into a modern way of working. In previous versions of SharePoint, to add a simple banner to a page, takes some coding. In the new version you can simply click an image and add.

Here’s a new page before:


After selecting a background image:


The background images will automatically reformat depending of the device that you’re using. This includes your mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

You can also add other components to the page from a gallery of Web Parts.

Desktop view:


Mobile view:


In summary, you can easily create your new intranet by a few clicks.  What I’ve seen in the webcast is just the beginning of what SharePoint has yet to come. I’m looking forward of what else it can do in the next few months.