Have you ever tried just simply clicking on an item in a list and get the following error?

“There has been an error while loading the form because the fields in the form and SharePoint list do not match.”


As you can see in the error message above that the ‘Approver’ field is the root cause of this error.

In my previous post when I was getting the workflow error on this list (I’ll call it List A), I changed this column for allowing multiple values from ‘yes’ to ‘no’.  Now, I can’t even open an existing item from List A.

The same settings were also made on a different list (I’ll call it List B) on the same site, and List B continues to work.

After much head scratching, I started comparing form settings of both lists.  List A has two options for loading forms.


While List B has only one option.


Both lists use out-of-box SharePoint list form, after selecting ‘Use the default SharePoint form’, I was able to open list items on List A again.

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