Heartland SharePoint Conference 2014 – SharePoint Hosted-App Infrastructure Setup

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The Heartland SharePoint Conference was held on Thursday, Mary 15, 2014.  It was a huge success.  Over 300 business users, developers, and IT Pros attended.

I covered the topic of setting up your on-premises environment to host your own Apps.

Thank you to all who attended.  As promised during the session, the presentation is posted here. SharePoint 2013 Hosted-Apps (On-premises) – Infrastructure Setup

It’s also posted on slideshare.net

Thanks again!


Heartland SharePoint Conference 2014

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Mark your calendar for May 15, 2014!

As a Managing SharePoint Architect, it’s important to me to learn all that I can about the new SharePoint releases. My first SharePoint 2013 project started in November 2012 and I have learned a lot (and still learning). So have many of my colleagues at ICC.

That’s why I’m inviting you to attend the upcoming Heartland SharePoint Conference that ICC is once again sponsoring. It will be held at the Columbus Convention Center on May 15, 2014.

This conference will not only feature tracks of particular interest to architects, it will also provide information and advice related to other aspects of SharePoint 2013, with emphasis on:

  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Business
  • The Cloud

I was happy to learn that this year’s keynote speaker will be Steve Caravajal, Director of Digital Strategy and Architecture at Microsoft Corporation and co-author of the acclaimed book, “Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration.” I’m really looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

Please remember that because this is a free event, limited attendance is available onto qualified IT and business professionals. Be sure to send in your request as soon as we post information on ICC’s web site.

I’ll be at the conference and I hope to see many of my blog readers there, too!

Dogfood Conference 2013 – Optimize SQL Server for SharePoint

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I had the privilege of presenting at the Dogfood Conference this year.  Thank you to all who attended on Thursday, November 21 and/or Friday, November 22, 2013.  The conference was a huge success.

My session was on optimizing SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013.  I’m obviously late in posting the slides and the SQL script I used during the session on my blog.  So, the presentation is here as well as on slideshare.net.

The script I used for creating and moving Temp DB files:


Thanks everyone who attended my session.

Heartland Region SharePoint 2013 Conference – Upgrading to SharePoint 2013

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I want to thank all who attended my Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 session at the Microsoft Heartland Region SharePoint Conference 2013 on March 21st.

My slides are in the iFrame below and posted at slideshare.net

Thank you!

Heartland Region SharePoint 2013 Conference – Exploring SharePoint 2013

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I want to thank all who attended my Exploring SharePoint 2013 from an IT Pro Perspective session at the Microsoft Heartland Region SharePoint Conference 2013 on March 21st.

As promised during the session that I would post my presentation on my blog, the presentation is included here and also at slideshare.net.

Thank you again!!

A Day in a Life for “Buddy” (Dogfood Conference 2012 #DogFoodCon)

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From the lighter side of Dogfood Conference.

8:35 Buddy receives a call from a customer with the system down.

8:42 Buddy works on the down system trying to get it back up.

8:48 Buddy receives a tweet “Are you working on it?” from the customer.

5 minutes later, manager, team, sales rep ask if the problem is solved. ¡Ay, Caramba!

A big thank you to Dan Shultz for the drawings of “Buddy” and Danilo Casino the mastermind behind this.

Dogfood Conference 2012 starts tomorrow, November 8th (8:00 AM – 4: 30 PM) at Microsoft Offices in Polaris (Columbus, OH).

Dog Food Conference 2012

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Dog Food Conference 2012 will be on November 8-9, 2012 at Microsoft Polaris Office in Columbus, OH.

What is dogfooding? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogfooding

This is a local conference by community IT professionals showcasing Microsoft technologies. The conference started in 2008 by Danilo Casino, Jeff Blankenburg, Brian Prince, Brian Cassidy and other MS employees.

This year, we are expecting 390-440 attendees with 40-45 sessions of the two-day period.

Additional information will be posted in the next few days.