Dogfood Conference 2013 – Optimize SQL Server for SharePoint

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I had the privilege of presenting at the Dogfood Conference this year.  Thank you to all who attended on Thursday, November 21 and/or Friday, November 22, 2013.  The conference was a huge success.

My session was on optimizing SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013.  I’m obviously late in posting the slides and the SQL script I used during the session on my blog.  So, the presentation is here as well as on

The script I used for creating and moving Temp DB files:


Thanks everyone who attended my session.


Managing Memory Allocation for Distributed Cache in SharePoint 2013


By default, the Distributed Cache service’s memory allocation is set to 10% of the total physical memory when SharePoint 2013 is installed.  For a single server installation with SQL and SharePoint running on the same server, I was not able to do much with this default configuration.

Microsoft provides a TechNet article on how to change this setting using PowerShell (

I followed step 1 under the “Change the memory allocation of the Distrbuted Cache by using Windows PowerShell” with no issues.

$instanceName =”SPDistributedCacheService Name=AppFabricCachingService”
$serviceInstance = Get-SPServiceInstance | ? {($_.service.tostring()) -eq $instanceName -and ($ -eq $env:computername}

When I used what is listed in step 2,

Set-CacheHostConfig -Hostname Hostname -cacheport Cacheport -cachesize Cachesize

I received an error.  I don’t remember the exact error message, but it was similar to “No valid cluster settings were provided with Use-CacheCluser”. (I closed the PS window before capturing the screenshot).

By simply typing “Use-CacheCluster” first, followed by

Set-CacheHostConfig -Hostname Hostname -cacheport Cacheport -cachesize Cachesize


it allowed me to continue and finish the memory allocation for Distributed Cache.

With this and NodeRunner.exe changes, I’m able to run SharePoint 2013 with SQL on the same server with 6GB RAM.


Math is off between SharePoint and Windows server.

I stopped the Distributed Cache service from Central Admin.  That stopped the DistributedCacheService.exe from running on my server.

I updated my Distributed Cache Settings to 200 MB


I restarted the Distributed Cache service from Central Admin; hoping to see a change in my server’s memory consumption.

Instead, I saw this.


Nothing here matches to 200 MB or 204800 KB.

What gives?