Just a quick troubleshooting step for those who runs into “An error has occurred in…” when using the OOTB SharePoint three-state workflow.

One of the users I’m working with forwarded me an error while trying to run a three-state workflow.  The error “An error has occurred in <workflow name>”, of course, was pretty much inadequate for me to troubleshoot unless I really dig into the ULS.  So, I decided to take a different troubleshooting approach.


After making sure that all settings in the workflow were set up correctly, I started looking into the columns used in the workflow.  One of the columns used in this workflow, in this case it was called ‘Approver’, was set up to allow multiple selections.  I found a solution posted by Kamlesh, a Java guy as he describes himself, that this causes the workflow to break.  Changing this field to NOT allow multiple selections allow the workflow to work as designed.

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